Template 2 columns; Flowers and keys

Free template Flowers and keys.

  REMEMBER; SAVE your settings BEFORE you do anything.
Directions to installing your new VintageMadeForYou Template.
  1. Go to Design > HTML
  2. Click EDIT HTML > and delete all.
  3. Copy the HTML code in the link above.
  4. Paste the copied HTML code where you have deleted the last one.
  5. Select KEEP WIDGETS  (so you don´t miss any thing on your sidebar).
  6. Click Save.
Now you can customize your fonts and colors in DESIGN> Templates Designer> Advanced

** See the new template here **

6 kommentarer:

  1. I loved this , is very nice idea

  2. Excellent work!!!
    I tried to install this template but i take the "error message XML: Content is not allowed in trailing section."
    Please tell me what should i do?

    I want it so much!!!

  3. I think you may have received too much when you copied the code. At the beginning of the document is "padding.doc", and in the end "publicerat av Google Dokument -Anmäl otillåten andvändning". Do not copy these two. Hope it works now.

  4. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av bloggadministratören.

  5. Sorry Clare!
    I do wrong, it was not my intention to delete your comment :(

    Have you seen that you don't have too much in the code?
    At the beginning of the document is "padding.doc", and in the end "Published by Google Drive–Report Abuse". Do not copy these two.

    Please let me know if it still not works :)